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“I got a fan letter from a young lady. It was a suicide note.

So I called her, and I said, “Hey, this is Jimmy Doohan. Scotty, from Star Trek.” I said, “I’m doing a convention in Indianapolis. I wanna see you there.”

I saw her — boy, I’m telling you, I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was definitely suicide. Somebody had to help her, somehow. And obviously she wasn’t going to the right people.

I said to her, “I’m doing a convention two weeks from now in St. Louis.” And two weeks from then, in somewhere else, you know? She also came to New York - she was able to afford to got to these places. That went on for two or three years, maybe eighteen times. And all I did was talk positive things to her.

And then all of the sudden — nothing. I didn’t hear anything. I had no idea what had happened to her because I never really saved her address.

Eight years later, I get a letter saying, “I do want to thank you so much for what you did for me, because I just got my Master’s degree in electronic engineering.”

That’s…to me, the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

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2012 Tucson Fall Aquaponics Systems Tour

Check out these great pictures of Aquaponics systems - and follow 1144s7thave for more aquaponics posts.

Israeli minister vows Palestinian 'holocaust'

Everyone who is reblogging this realizes the news story is over 4 years old, right? Just making sure…


A senior Israeli politician provoked controversy today when he warned that Palestinians firing rockets from Gaza would be punished with a “bigger holocaust” from Israeli armed forces.

The use of the Hebrew word for holocaust, “shoah”, tends to be used exclusively in Israel to describe the Nazi persecution of Jews.

Palestinian activists routinely claim to be suffering a “shoah” at the hands of Israel, but the Jewish state normally denies any moral equivalence between the suffering of Palestinians today and European jewry under the Nazis.

Matan Vilnai, deputy defence minister, broke that taboo when he used the term “shoah” during interview on Army Radio.

“The more qassam fire intensifies and the rockets reach a longer range, they (the Palestinians) will bring upon themselves a bigger shoah because we will use all our might to defend ourselves,” he said.

Here’s a tip: you can’t claim defence if you’re systemically killing people, particularly when they can’t defend themselves from you.

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How could I have basically forgotten about Tumblr (AKA reblogging-gifville) for over a year? Hmmmpf, I really must not be much of a blogger…

Om nom nom, my favorite Cat scan. Happy Caturday!

Sir Arthur

(Submitted by stephrumm)

Om nom nom, my favorite Cat scan. Happy Caturday!


Sir Arthur

(Submitted by stephrumm)

Help feed some shelter dogs this week

Pedigree Foundation is going to be donating 20 lbs of food to help feed shelter dogs for each blog which posts a mention of their project for the next week or so. It takes a minute or two and it’s a great cause, they’re trying to raise awareness of all the dogs who end up in shelters each year. You can participate by blogging a mention of Pedigree Foundation and then submitting the permalink for your post here. A few minutes of your time and 20 pounds of great dog food get donated to an animal shelter. C’mon, gang, if you’re on Empire Avenue it give you a boost on your dividends, too :)



Google+ doesn’t want me to be known as Domino Oracle. I don’t want to give Google my real name for many of the reasons mentioned in this video…

New Google Interview: All Seeing. All Knowing. But Not Evil. (by botgirlq)